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October 21, 1980:
The Philadelphia Phillies win their first World Series Title in 6 games against the Kansas City Royals.


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Welcome to 1980 Yearbook!

Did you graduate in 1980? Were you born in 1980? Got married in 1980?

Whatever your fascination with the year 1980, we have all the information you need right here. If you don't find what you were looking for, you can add a request and we'll get it up within a day.

1980 was a fascinating year. So many important things happened. It was the end of the 1970's and the beginning of a new era. Home computers were in their infancy but the promise was that computers would change our lives in the next couple decades. I remember someone saying that by the year 2000 nearly every home would have a computer. It seemed like a pipedream at the time but it certainly di become a reality..

Entertainment was also at a crossroads. In the movies, huge advances were being made in special effects and men like George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were just starting to do some amazing things to etertain us on the big screen. In music, disco was out and rock and roll was starting to trend toward a more modern, synthesized sound. The Cars sounded really "new wave" but the kind of sound they produced and singing they did would soon become mainstream.

Arcades began replacing mechanical pinball machines with electronic video games. Some thought it would be a fad that di not last. Others had more vision. I had an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new business that promised to center around video game entertainment and draw families in who would then also buy pizza and drinks. The name of the new idea was "Chucky Cheese," and anyone who has kids knows that Chucky is doing well nearly 30 years later.

Around the world and in the US, some memorable things happened in 1980. Mount St. Helens blew up on May 18, 1980 and spewed ash into the air so high that volcanic ash was falling like snow in my hometown in Montana nearly 500 miles away. Ronald Reagan defeated incumbent president Jimmy Carter and ushered in the era of trickle down economics and the beginning of the end to the cold war.

There's a lot more that happened in 1980 and we'll be adding pages as we can. For now, enjoy what we have, and if there is something in particular you'd like to see here, please let us know.

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